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… and do it all in 3 simple steps….

    Plus, if you have an established business, that’s great, too!  You can cut the time it takes to get six-figure business credit in half (or more).  In fact, if you already have five or six-figures in business credit… these strategies can multiplyyour existing credit limits!(You’ll learn how in this report.)

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Date: September 3, 2021
From the desk of Jake Ingalls

Dear Friend,

     “It takes money to make money!”

     That’s the truth, isn’t it?

     Ask any over-worked, stressed-out entrepreneur today what keeps them up at night, worried sick, and they’ll tell you it’s not having enough capital.

     Because let’s face it…  There’s really only two ways to grow a business:

  1. The Hard, Slow Way:  By exhausting your personal savings, draining your retirement accounts and maxing-out your personal credit… then… waiting nervously for profits to roll in before you can invest in more advertising, better equipment and skilled help to produce the breakthrough you REALLY need to take your business to the next level.  It’s no wonder over 90% of small businesses fail within their first 5 years!…  They’re always waiting and hoping for a breakthrough!  When it doesn’t come, many entrepreneurs are left devastated – with their savings gone and their personal credit trashed!
  2. The Fast, Easy Way:   Use other people’s money to push advertising to the outer-limits and finish projects and launch products fast so you can out-earn and beat the pants of your competition… while they’re try to build businesses the hard way – waiting for customers to pay up before they have to board up!

    Imagine if, instead, you could tap-into as much capital as you need to grow your business, first… and… Use your sales profitsto repay what you borrow, later… PLUS pay zero interest to boot!

    Nothing could hold you back, and, quite literally,…

You Could Leverage Business
Credit to Put Your Business
Growth On Steroids!

    If this sounds like an entrepreneur’s pipe dream, it’s not…   It’s how Fortune 500 companies make billions.  And it’s the foundation of all great wealth-building in America.

    You see, while compounded growth is a pretty powerful force, nothing beats using other people’s resources to produced rapid leveraged business growth.

    And, now you can learn how to use these same powerful strategies to get as much as $100,000 in business credit in the next 12 months.  In fact, I guarantee when you apply my simple “copy and paste” step-by-step formula, you can get at least $10,000 business credit within the next few weeks.

    If you can count to 10, then you can give your business excellent credit and finally get the financing you need.  Its takes under 60 minutes a month to setup a solid credit foundation. And after that, most of it runs on auto-pilot – rewarding your company with bigger credit lines, better credit terms and lower interest rates.

    And – these methods are 100% legal and ethical and work specifically for today’s battered economy.

    Let me ask you a question…

    What could you do with an extra $100,000 in business credit?

    A lot, right?

    You could….

  • Pay yourself a livable salary while you grow your business
  • Multiply your profits by leveraging other people’s money to build your business
  • Free up your time and hire others to do work you hate doing – or don’t have time for
  • Insure your business against avoidable failure by having a credit safety net for emergencies 
  • Invest in rock-bottom real estate and other under-valued assets while they’re dirt-cheap

    There’s an important lesson here.  It’s that…  Your business is not your life!  Yes, it’s a part of it.  But it’s really a means to provide a comfortable (and hopefully luxurious) lifestyle for you and your loved ones.

    It’s a way for you to do something you love and escape the day-to-day nightmare of battling bumper-to-bumper traffic, working a dreadful 9-to-5 and taking orders from a boss who’s dumber than a box of rocks.

    That’s what being your own boss is all about – freedom.  

And The Most Successful People and
Businesses Make Money Work For
Them, Instead of Them For It!

     Imagine if, instead of working 14-hour days doing everything in your business, you could bring-on other people, as needed, to help with things you absolutely hate.  Imagine how much faster you could grow your business and multiply your profits when you’re free to build your business and do what you love – instead of being saddled-down with tedious, mind-numbing work that still has to get done.

    Imagine if you didn’t have to hold off on investing in activities that can really grow your business – like advertising and getting new equipment – once you have access to the capital you need.

    You could take the “emergency brake” off your business and finally create the life of your dreams, couldn’t you?

So, Why’s It So Hard to
Get Business Credit?

     If you already have a business, you can probably relate…

     Rock-bottom commercial real estate and equipment values mean only one thing…  Your collateral is worth a whole heck of a lot less than before.  

     Maybe you’ve had the experience of being turned-down for a business loan recently because your assets aren’t worth enough to secure business financing.  In fact, even companies with rock-solid cash-flow are getting the shaft by banks.

It’s a Damn Outrage, Really!

     Small Businesses are the backbone of the U.S. economy – they create the lion’s share of new jobs and employ over 50% of the American workforce.  

     Yet, without business loans and working capital, great small businesses teeter on the edge of collapse.  Many are forced to lay-off hard-working Americans and board their windows forever, even when they’re inches away from a profit explosion – simply because they can’t get credit.

    I don’t want that to be your business…  And it doesn’t have to once you gain access to the knowledge and tools you need to get business financing.    

     If you just started – or are thinking about starting – a business, you have an even bigger challenge ahead.  The days of easy credit for new businesses with little more than a dream and a wish are over.

     To understand the problem (and the opportunity it presents for you), let’s look at it from a bank’s perspective.  After the U.S. banking system was almost wiped-out in October, 2008, the Feds stepped in to “fix” the situation.  And, while the banking system rebounded, the bailouts didn’t come without a few strings attached.

     Namely: fat-cat government bureaucrats would watch their every move.  Even banks that followed the rules and played it safe were suddenly forced to turn-down otherwise-good applicants because they didn’t look quite “good enough” on paper.

     Think about it…  Banks want to lend your business money.  It’s how they make money.

      The problem is, the rules to getting business credit have changed for good…  Only companies that know these New Rules are getting credit…  even brand-new companies!

     And the reality is…  Most “insider” business credit courses you see advertised today are nothing more than re-hashed tactics that may have worked back in 2008, but they don’t work anymore.

In the Business World,
That Was 10 Years Ago!

    When you need business credit to fulfill contracts with clients, advertise your business, invest in new equipment, secure big business deals and open more locations (like most small businesses), following information from 2008 = 90% chance of failure.
    The rules are constantly changing.  Your business needs to adapt – or die.

    That’s why I’ve created something called Six Figure Business Credit.  In a moment, I’d like to tell you more about it and what it will do for your business.  It cuts through all the nonsense and gives you a step-by-step blueprint for getting and growing your company’s credit.

    Information you can put to use and see results this very evening!

    If you’re like most small business owners, you’re interested in getting business loans, credit cards and working capital the fastest, easiest way.  But let’s face it…  You’re busy working on and in your business…

To get business credit cards, loans and financing…

  • You SHOULDN’T have become a credit expert – just follow a few simple steps to get business credit cards, loans and working capital
  • You SHOULDN’T have to have pristine personal credit – nor should it matter!
  • You SHOULDN’T have surrender financial statements or tax records – especially when you setup your credit foundation the way I advise
  • You SHOULDN’T have nervously pitch yourself to loan officers – let alone  step inside a bank!
  • You SHOULDN’T have slave hundreds of hours and waste thousands of dollars to learn it all – I’ve already done that for you!
  • You SHOULDN’T have to put your dreams on hold – or give up entirely – without sufficient capital – now you can say “YES” to the future you want!

    Today, the game has changed.  Yes, there’s a $300 billion vault filled with “unclaimed” small business credit that’s yours to grab.  But, you gotta’ know the combination to crack open the safe.

    You see, building business credit is like knowing the combination to a safe – the only way to crack the code is dialing the numbers in exact order.  You can know all the numbers, but they’re useless if you don’t know in which order they come.

    So it is with business credit…

    Building business credit depends on following specific steps in order.   It easy to do, – and anyone can do it, – but there’s a formula that you must follow.  And, I’ve laid out the complete formula in simple, step-by-step detail in my brand-new course.

    Getting business credit is much like building a skyscraper.  You can’t throw steel and concrete into a pit and expect a tower to emerge.

Trying To Build Business Credit Without a Tested Plan is Like Trying To Build a Skyscraper Without a Blueprint

    Heck, even before you build it, you need a blueprint!  Without one – without following specific steps in order – all you have is a scrap heap.

    And that’s the #1 reason why people fail getting business credit – they skip steps, or – more often, – they don’t know they’ve skipped them until they’re clutching enough denial letters to fill a phone book.

     So, what’s the answer?….

     It’s a brand-new system called Six Figure Business Credit I created after investing over 100 hours and thousands of dollars learning how to get business credit the hard way.

     In fact, I’ve perfected getting business credit down to an exact science that works every time, and I reveal it all in my complete course.

     Like most small business owners, I struggled getting business credit at first.  In fact, I fell flat on my face.

     Starting out, I financed e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g with personal credit cards and personal savings.

     Sound familiar?

     While it helped, I ran into a brick wall FAST.

     With my personal credit cards maxed-out and my savings wiped-out, I still needed more money to build my business.

     I was stuck.  I felt like I owned a gloried job – not a business.  Do you know the feeling?

     But there was another problem…

     Because I used my personal credit cards to finance everything, my business had zero credit history of its own.

     And to make matters worse, because my personal credit cards were maxed-out, no bank would give me another credit card.

     I was sinking in quicksand – and sinking fast!

I Couldn’t Get More Credit
To Grow My Business….

Because My Business Had
No Credit History….

And My Personal Cards
Were Maxed-Out!

     What happened next?    

     My business went from being “stuck” without enough capital to grow and advertise…  To being wiped off the map after a couple setbacks I vowed “would never happen to me.”     

     And my biggest mistake?…

     Being moronically optimistic!  

     I didn’t plan for the “what if’s.”  What’s worse – I didn’t have a credit safety-net to keep my business running and push forward when disaster struck.

     Suddenly, I found myself without my business, holding onto a steaming bag of credit card debt.  With little income, I couldn’t make the minimum payments and my credit score dropped like a lead rock to 495.

     There’s nothing worse…

I Felt Like A Pilot 20,000 Feet High
With Two Stalled Engines –
And Discovering I Forgot
To Pack a Parachute!

     Ever feel like that?

     I felt sorry for myself for some time.

     Until I stumbled across a quote from George Bernard Shaw that changed everything…

“The people who get on in this world
are the people who get up and look for
the circumstances they want, and,
if they can’t find them, make them.”

     Makes sense, huh?

     Because no matter the economy…. no matter your industry… and no matter your circumstances, there’s always others with similar (or worse) challenges who push forward and prosperin spite of them.
      So I pushed forward, learning how to fix my personal credit and build excellent business credit.

     And, in 18 short months, I raised my personal credit score 150+ points and built a successful new business, because I realized I had two choices…

Choice #1 – Be “stuck” with bad credit for 7 long years.


Choice #2 – Do something to fix it and get on with my life.

     I chose #2, and I’m glad I did!

     In fact, because of my “take-no-prisoners” approach to building (and fixing) credit, I’ve received apology letters from collection agencies!

     “So what!”…  What does all this mean to you?…  

     Simply this:  When you want to learn the best way to do something, the right way, the first time – find someone with real experience.

     If your life depended on knowing how to beat the pulp out of a gang of armed thugs in a dark alley, who would you seek out?…  Someone who read a book on self-defense or a Kung Fu black belt?

    So it is with business credit.

     If it sounds like I’m tooting my own horn, forgive me.  But I can’t demonstrate my expertise without sharing my story.

     And, fortunately for you, you don’t have to walk through a minefield to benefit from my discoveries, because now you can…

Profit From My Mistakes &
Follow my Exact Blueprint
For Building Great Business
Credit The Fast, Easy Way!

    Once you join Six Figure Business Credit, you’ll get immediate access to everything you need to build solid business credit.

    You’ll get in-depth training that takes you by the hand and leads you through every step in building business credit.  It’s like having a business credit coach guiding you every step of the way, but for a fraction of the price… and much more thorough, too!

    And the best part?  It takes less than 15-minutes a week and anyone can do it.

    I left no stone unturned….  Stuffing it, wall-to-wall, with everything I knew – and leaving out the fluff.  After all, who wants to sift through 200 pages of nonsense on “the history of banking” just to find actionable strategies?  Me either!  We’re business people, after all… Our time is money!

    You simply won’t find anything like it elsewhere.

    Here’s a sneak peek at what’s inside the course, to give you a clear picture of how it can transform your business…

In the first part, learn how your personal credit affects your business – and how to get 10X bigger loans by creating a separate (and legal) business credit identity.  Discover….

  • How to get business loans and credit cards without personal guarantees!  Learn the three requirements your business must meet. (Page 10)
  • 3 Rules that guarantee success building business credit – ignore them at your own peril! (Page 9)
  • 3 (+2) outrageous credit myths some “credit experts” tell people – and how they ruin your credit scores and keep you “stuck”.  Liberate yourself now… Get the REAL truth on Page 15!
  • Avoid “free credit report” SCAMS!  Discover which government-mandated site gives you 100% free credit reports (Page 15).
  • All credit scores are useless except one!”  Learn which one you must know before applying for business insurance, business credit or a merchant account to process credit cards (Page 16).

Part 2 - The Real Secret to Getting Fast Business Credit in 2011 & Beyond

And in Part 2, you’ll get the whole truth about business credit… Learn how to establish it, how to grow it and how to use it to multiply your profits.

If you apply just one strategy from this section, your investment in Six Figure Business Credit pays for itself many times over.  

Take the first one, for example….

  • OUTRAGE!  This business credit bureau wants to charge you $499 to “activate” a credit file with them.  Avoid their “hustle” and do it yourself for FREE using the “easy-as-pie” steps from Chapter 5.
  • How to get free copies of your company’s credit reports (and easy ways to monitor your business credit for free) (Pages 27, 38)
  • Get a free 80+ PAYDEX credit score for your business in under 90 days when you follow these four simple steps.  Never apply for business loans or credit cards without this score! (Page 39)
  • Avoid “Credit Report Audits” that destroy business credit overnight – learn 6 ways to protect your business (Page 41)
  • Victim of a credit report audit?  Learn how to survive one with the strategies you learn on Page 44.  And – if you need help after that – learn which free site shames big businesses into helping you (and no – it’s not the BBB).

Part 3

Did you know there are ten things you must do  to make your company more “credit worthy” before you fill out your first business credit application?  

It’s no wonder so many business owners get denied simply because they don’t know what they are!

If you want to save money and avoid costly mistakes, you’ll want to read this section twice!…

  • How to make your company more creditworthy in 10 easy steps (Chapter 6)
  • Why you should never use a P.O. Box or mail drop (Page 49)
  • Move-in to a fully-furnished office this week (with free Internet, conference rooms, etc.) – starting at $300 a month!  (Page 50)
  • Is your “.com” name taken?  Learn 4 ways you can legally claim it! (Page 53)
  • How to get FREE expert help setting up a corporation or LLC – just pay your state’s filing fees (Page 54)

Part 4

This is where the rubber meets the road!…  Get the complete blueprint for building great business credit.

It’s all laid out in simple, step-by-step detail.  So simple – in fact – even a 10-year-old could do it.  You’ll discover…

  • A sneaky (but 100% legal) technique that practically forces lenders to give you bigger loans (Page 106)
  • 3 ways to turn most denials into approvals… This method’s so effective, it’s a shame more people don’t know about it! (Page 88)
  • 9 places that give brand-new companies credit – and report payment history to the bureaus, building credit FAST! (Page 75)
  • 6 things your company needs before it can get credit (Page 69)
  • 16 small-(and new)-business-friendly credit cards: when and how to apply for them (Chapter 8)

Let Me In NOW!!

    And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

     If you’ve wondered how you can get business credit and loans in this economy, this is without a doubt the answer you’re looking for.  You simply won’t find this caliber of information anywhere else.

     Everything is distilled into a step-by-step system – or blueprint – you can follow immediately after reading the course.  No guesswork.  No theory.  Just hard-hitting strategies you can take to the bank.

     And, because it’s all laid-out in step-by-step detail, you can start from Page 1 if you’re new to it all – or pick-up in the middle if you’re an old pro (although it’s still best to read the whole course).

     It deals with today’s challenges and today’s opportunities.  And that’s important!  Because it’s foolish to waste your time (and risk dangerous mistakes) testing worn-out advice from even 2-3 years ago!

Already Have a Business?…

     That’s great!…  You can apply for your first “easy approval” credit accounts this evening and get at least $10,000 – $20,000 in business credit in the next several weeks – guaranteed!

Don’t Have a Business, Yet?…

     That’s OK, too!  Because no matter what you do…  Don’t wait to get this system until you have all your “ducks in a row.”  There’s several vital things you should do before you incorporate your business that can boost your credit approvals later on.  You’ll find the complete list in Chapter 6.

     Don’t you agree it’s makes sense to get it right the first time, than go back and fix mistakes later?  

     Me too!

     By now, you’re probably wondering….

“So, Jake, How Much Does
This Course Cost?”

    It’s a fair question….

     I mean, most business credit coaching programs charge $1,000+ up-front and thousands more after that.  Some even charge “finder’s fees” up to 10% for the credit they get your company.  That’s ridiculous, isn’t it?

     When you consider you can finally get the credit you need to multiply your business profits this year, – risk-free on my dime, – it’d be the smartest business investment you make, even if you paid $10,000, don’t you agree?

     Because as a business person, you know smart decisions are based on “return on investment” – not “cost.”

     But you won’t have to pay $10,000.  Nor $1,000.  Not even $500.   

But Just $97
62%-Off Introductory Offer –
Just $37 when you Act Today!

     Why such a low price?

  • Because that way you can make-back your investment by applying just one strategy from the course manual alone (and then multiply it many times over with the rest)
  • Because I hope by giving you extraordinary value, you’ll feel compelled to tell others about it.

When you consider you’ll get the course manuscript seconds from now, it makes this deal a total no-brainer for any serious business person.

     Not only is this truly the opportunity of a lifetime, but I’ll also make it 100% risk-free for you to take me up on it…

Try It Out for
60 Full Days

You be the judge!…  Put the system to the test for 60 days free

If you don’t agree it can bring you more business credit this year, and you aren’t acting on the opportunities that attracts, then I insist you ask for a full refund.  Don’t let this collect dust if it’s not “right” for you or if you don’t use it.  Get your money back!

… Plus, I’ll let you keep the complete course manual just for giving it a shot!

You get 60 full days to put the complete course to the test on my dime.  If you want your money back, simply send a message to my 24/7 support desk at www.FastFriendlySupport.com and your money will be refunded on the spot – no questions, no hassles, no nonsense!

Click here now to start your 60-day risk-free trial

If You Could Double One of Your Credit Limits With One Call, How Many of Those Calls Would You Make?

    On Page 97, you’ll learn one simple trick that can double your existing business credit limits (and improve your credit) in minutes.  

    Just imagine everything else you’ll discover when you get this system today.

     Can you believe all you’re getting for just $97 $37 when you say “YES” today?!…

     Think about it…  To get information this good, you’d probably have to hire a business credit coach.  How much would that run you?  $1,000?….  $5,000?

     But I’m giving you the complete blueprint or just $97 (62%-Off Introductory Special – Just $37 when you Act Now ).  It’s like having a business credit coach, at a fraction of the price, and more comprehensive, too!…

      And, if you already have a business, you can get your first $10,000 in low-hanging business credit within the next few weeks – all without using your personal credit!

Imagine what having an extra $10,00 in credit could do for your business...     After that, the sky’s the limit.  This step-by-step system grows with your business as it grows.

     But this system isn’t for everyone…  

     It’s for serious, committed business owners who value their time… and… Who’d rather save time and money building business credit than waste precious hours and thousands of dollars “trying to” get business credit without a tested plan.  

     If you’d rather complain and you’re unwilling to follow a simple plan and put at least a couple hours a month into this, then this isn’t for you.

     On the other hand, if you want to laugh at credit woes while everyone else worries and complains about “the economy,” then this is the exact thing you need.  Go ahead and get it now on a 100% risk-free basis…

    It’s easy to get my complete “credit attracting” system on a 100% risk-free basis right now.  Just click on the button below to get started right now.

     Your order will be processed by ClickBank using military-grade encryption on their secure severs.   They protect your personal information with the highest security.  And, you can conveniently pay using any major credit card, online check or PayPal.

You’ll get instant online access to the Six Figure Business Credit course seconds from now.  It’s an Adobe Acrobat PDF file that you can open and read on any PC, Macintosh, iPad, iPhone, Kindle, etc.  Or, you can also print it for later reading.

     Once you’re done, I urge you to apply its powerful strategies, right away. This evening if possible!

     Remember – if you already have a business, you can apply for your first “easy approval” credit accounts starting today.  And if you don’t have a business – you’ll learn how to set one up the right way (today!), so credit approvals come easy later.

     Now is the time to take charge of your company’s future and discover how to multiply your profits using other people’s money.  Grab your copy of this powerful system now and get immediate online access to the course…

 Yes, Jake!

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Jake, I understand if I don’t act on this now, I’ll miss out on the opportunity to grow my business the fastest, easiest way there is.

And, because I’m protected by your legally-binding, no-questions-asked “Profit or It’s Free” guarantee, acting now is 100% risk-free for me and makes complete sense.

I’m fully aware that this package gives me everything I need to make killer profits using other people’s money and improve my life for good.

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To Your Success!Jake Ingalls
Jake Ingalls

“I Now Have the Tools And Knowledge I Need to Get a ‘YES!’ At The Bank!”

Dear Jake,

As reseller for one of the largest outdoor weather product manufacturers, our company is constantly looking for creative ways to expand sales and get our product into the retail marketplace.

We experienced first-hand what can happen when you have “too much success” without adequate capital.  One busy Christmas season, we listed our products on a leading e-tailer’s site, and we were ecstatic because we moved all our on-hand stock almost overnight.

Then we got the worst email in our company’s history…

The e-tailer notified us our funds would be held without exception for 30 or more days, due to the volume of recent sales.

I was pissed.  They didn’t have grounds for adverse action; rather, the volume exceeded their given reasonable expectations, and they shot-down my business without asking questions, first.  It felt like we were being penalized for being productive and successful.  If anything, you’d think a big business like them would want you to sell more, considering they earn a huge percentage of each transaction.

I disputed the 30-day hold and called them over and over.  I couldn’t get any response other than “its just our policy.”

I was stressed out of my mind, because orders kept flooding in, and it was only 10 days before the big December 25 holiday.  Meanwhile, I had to scramble to find funds to fill the orders, and we had to cancel some orders because thousands of our dollars were being held hostage until after the holidays.

This action cost company thousands.  Missed sales were only part of the equation!  In addition, bills began piling up, which was embarrassing and awkward, as I was temporarily unable to pay business expenses.

If I had only known then what I know now after getting your Six Figure Business Credit course, I could have gotten the credit I needed to continue my everyday operations and salvage lost sales.  Not only did I learn all the ways I never would have thought of to obtain upfront capital, but I now know how to get money for things I never thought possible.

Thanks to you, Jake, I now have the tools and knowledge I need to get a YES at the bank and I’ve also been able to give my business the kick start it needed with some much-needed advertising dollars.

As an average Joe, if I can do this, anyone can.  I can’t believe how much better my story might have gone if I had this knowledge ahead of time.

Chad Forbes

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