Your accountant needs to suit up. Incremental marginalism is No solution to the Economic Impact of PANDEMIC disruption.

The Paradox of thrift generates a downward spiral of recession, impoverlshing the entire planet. No one can escape Spaceship Earth.

Robbing Peter to pay Paul is not even a zero sum game.

Recommendations emanating from accounting circles are bereft of Economics sensibility, living in Another world.

Economics, often called the dismal science, is what we need to put to the Economy on a truer course than where accountants have it heaed right now.

The solutions are… applying rational reallocation of resources from the Public Sector to the Private Sector.

It can be done on an individual firm basis, even for single workers. But best when implemented by Employers for the mutual benefit of all.

The mechanics are not difficult , requiring only improvements in cash flow management, wage structuring, retirement planning, tax management, financial leverage and a genuine desire to improve the efficiency of wasted cash flows, increase ROI and apply results

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